in Minerva, Ohio 44657

Saturday, June 16th

Minerva Monster Day 2018

presented by Small Town Monsters


Minerva  High School

Minerva Monster Day is a FREE, family friendly cryptid event located in Minerva, Ohio.


Minerva Monster Day is a celebration of strange histories in Small Town America, presented by Small Town Monsters, a production company dedicated to documenting these stories before they're lost to time.


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2018's Featured Speakers:

Loren Coleman

Lyle Blackburn

We are no longer accepting vendor applications for our 2018 event.

Thank you to those who have submitted! We will be releasing this years vendors along with the event schedule soon.

2018's Vendors



Stark Parks

Cryptid Matter

Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigations

Jamie Snell

Ohio Night Stalkers

Clayhill Herbal Teas


Arcane Radio

Chris Baum

Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal

222 Paranormal Podcast

Bilco Productions

Joedy Cook

Mothman Press

Shannon Legro


Muck Monster Co.

Eerie Eric


*If you've submitted a vendor request, but do not see your or your organization's name listed, please verify that you've submitted your vendor fee.